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Intranet Content – Tips to Plan it Right

When we study Intranet planning, we often hear from specialists that “content is king” and well-planned content is one of the keys to Intranet success. Today we select 3 strategic topics that your intranet team should consider when planning the next steps of content creation and governance.

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The Benefits of a SharePoint Roadmap

SharePoint offers a plethora of programmable functionalities to help businesses meet their unique intranet needs. However, the sheer size and capabilities can be intimidating. To help streamline the process intranet consultants have been applying the increasingly popular roadmapping technique to help simplify this complex task.

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Getting Social with SharePoint

SharePoint has taken business communities by storm and continues to dominate the market, making business collaboration beyond easy. However, does it have the capacity to help employees connect on a social level? It sure does.

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Building Your Steering Committee

Previously the V51 blog has referenced the use of steering committee to help guide the development of intranet programs. This entry hopes to answer some of the common questions we encounter regarding the roles, responsibilities and structure of the typical steering committee.

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