In today’s market, platforms like Microsoft’s SharePoint offer a plethora of programmable functionalities to help businesses meet their unique intranet needs. However, the sheer size and capabilities of such platforms can make being given the task of managing an intranet development project cumbersome and intimidating. To help streamline the process intranet consultants have been applying the increasingly popular roadmapping technique to help simplify this complex task.

Roadmapping refers to the creation of a plan that helps to identify both the long term and short term goals of an intranet development project. Often lead by steering committee and with the help of intranet consultants, the roadmap process contributes to prioritize the desired outcomes, allocate funding as well as sets boundaries; identify the scope of the project. Often and especially with larger organizations, it can be difficult to prioritize the goals of an intranet space. In these cases, the road mapping exercise helps identify at a high level where manpower, focus and funding should be allocated. After major milestones are identified the roadmap can be tailored to serve as a tool for wider spread company education; helping people understand an intranet development project from a ‘big picture’ perspective.

Roadmaps can also be designed to include estimates on when an enterprise can expect to see the result of their efforts and to help persons in the organization, who may feel that their needs aren’t being met initially, understand when the intranet will develop in areas that are more meaningful to them. By allowing them to understand the sequence of activities at a macro level, The road mapping practice keeps people onboard and focused.

Key areas of focus to consider when building a roadmap:

  • Current state assessment
  • Existing business process flows
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Understanding business drivers
  • Gap & benefit analysis
  • Opportunity/impact matrix
  • Governance and resources
  • Timelines
  • Risk matrix
  • Costing

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