Get Your Intranet in your pocket with the new Sharepoint app


Microsoft announced yesterday the launch of a SharePoint app for your customers.  The app is initially available on iOS – meaning it will work on iPhone and iPad – but it will arrive on both Android and Windows platforms before year-end, Microsoft says.

Microsoft touts that it’s now putting the “intranet in your pocket.” That means users can connect to valuable content, sites, portals and people from their mobile device. The app works with either SharePoint Online in Office 365 or SharePoint Server 2013 or 2016 in on-premises or hybrid scenarios.

The new SharePoint mobile app helps you keep your work moving forward by providing quick access to your team sites, organization portals and resources, and even a view into what the people you work with are working on.

What’s new?

Here are the most relevant features for the new app promoted by Microsoft at moment:

The Search allows you to locate resources by keyword and filter results by sites, files, and people, as well as “content recommendations” which are powered by Microsoft Graph, Microsoft’s machine learning technology.

The Sites tab takes you to a list of the sites you frequently visit and sites you’re following. Users can click on a site to see recent activity, recent files, and the site’s assets. The SharePoint mobile app natively renders the site elements quickly and beautifully.

The People tab gives you visibility into what the people you work with are working on. Find and browse colleagues in your network.

The Links tab takes you to sites and portals programmed for everyone in your company to see. These are curated by your SharePoint admin(s) from the SharePoint home in Office 365.

Watch Andy Haon, manager on the SharePoint engineering team, explain in details the SharePoint mobile app:



There are a lot of things to cover about the new SharePoint app. If you need help to implement SharePoint in your organization, have a chat with our experts for a free estimate. Our team of consultants follows the best of technology to bring outstanding results to our clients.

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