We are very excited about Sitefinity CMS 4.0 for many reasons. Here’s just a few.


At V51 we’ve carved out a bit of a niche in faceted search. It is particularly useful when you are navigating large collections of data and want to give users that “Amazon.com” experience of refining search results until you end up with the perfect results set. Historically we’ve provided this functionality through custom code and stored procedures in our own CMS. When we made the move to Sitefinity, the first question we asked was “how does it deal with taxonomy?”.  Now 4.0 provides a robust capability to create tags and categories that can be used ACROSS pages and modules. This is a big step forward.

New Layout Builder

Ever wonder how nice it would be to sit down with a client or a designer and mock up a layout on the fly? The wait is over… The drag and drop layout builder means that you can not only create new widgets or page elements but that you can actually resize the elements right in the interface (just like using PowerPoint).

Google Analytics

Now the world’s leading analytics software is integrated with Sitefinity. Right from the application and secured by Sitefinity’s granular permissions admin users can gain access to Google’s powerful reports. No need to log into another application.

The complete roadmap for Sitefinity 4.0  is very promising.